She smiled

Jack Sorenson

13 Jul, 2014 02:23 AM
Her sweet blue little eyes were looking so very sad
Her little sweet lips as her closed mouth were stitched closed
Now she turned into a dark torment frown.
Why does this little Lady feel so bad?
I’ll never rightly know?

What is causing her to be cover in fresh blood
The young lady she then just smiled?
Toward me, she stands upright, standing alone into the darkness

Of the cold winter night were I came across her
Now standing before my block,
I was just walking toward home from a party

Her smile used to be so grim something is in her right hand
That gave off a quick glimmer,
But now she hangs onto life by a knife saying
In a mumble,
She needs all of my blood plus ten time more tonight.

I said in a plied I do not deserve this pain,
As she took a few swipes toward me
With her long shinny knife to my neck
She just giggled best she could and mumbled
We all have the right to complain
But I need your blood to stay alive

Please she cries through the stitches on her lips,
As she let go a huge fling, with her right arm
Another swing at my neck, she was in need

This time she got me
Let her find a way to suck my blood
I had laughed at her first then, felt bad
Erase our faces of this doubt
She mumbled my Master done this to me

This life is so precious,
Her happiness is infectious
I grabbed her knife and could not refuse her will

Life will be so great, if she did only drink some of my blood
What was the harm?
Inevitable an inevitable conclusion we will over come her fearful fate?

To live one more day made her little eyes became so happy,
Her mouth turned in a frown, I cut the stitches away,
Then they turned to a grand smile, and she sucked on my neck.
By Author Jack Sorenson
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