The Master

Dao Her

02 Aug, 2014 02:24 AM
When I am at my worst,
no thing will get in my way.
The feeling of bloodthirsty,
is all that is left.
I shall slaughter,
and fight my way to the top.
No pure soul will stop me.
When the moon hit,
over the dark night,
and the dark hidden clouds,
I will awake once again.
A bloodshed,
will be cause by the me and only.
Serve and bow to me,
I am your master.
Fight and anger me,
I will tear you in a second.
Come, my darling.
I will not hurt you,
unless you wish to disobey me.
You must not.
Know that,
I am the Master.
And the only.
Tags: Master, Afraid, Blood
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