No Hope

Abaddon Torment

08 Aug, 2014 03:26 PM
I ponder in the night,
Wandering what to write
Perhaps something within the light,
But that is a very strong might...
Though i don't know what is right.
I do know the law was once tight.

I am certain I do not see things bright,
As I gaze upon other peoples plight.
Not much is certain within my despite.
I watch the kids play with their kite
Raised on lands, suitable for rats
Yet the kids don't mind,
Just happy for life.

The kite soon plummets
Flat into the mud,
The kids now teenagers
Who only mope and gripe
Reasons they have
Despite eating once a day
Get jobs,
Try as they may,
I'm afraid these lands,
They'll never be able to get away.

They work together,
To build something unique.
But under their feet it crumbles,
Just like their hope.
Tags: Dark, Real, Sad, No Hope
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