~Restless Thoughts~

Midnyt Ravyn

04 Feb, 2017 06:11 PM
Another sleepless night 
As the night coming to end 
My thoughts polluting my mind 
I am lost in memories and time 

My despair is overwhelming 
Coming undone I'm completely numb 
Suffocating in my sadness 
Drowning in my pain 

I feel so empty and hollow 
I reflect on images of sorrows past 
Consumed with madness 
Gasping for air fading into black 

I stand alone inside 
Blinded by tears I can't hide 
This agony I carry inside 
My broken soul has died 

Does anyone else feel like this? 
Can anyone understand my demise? 
Don't try to look for answers in my eyes 
They will deceive you and reflect lies 

Have you ever felt so alone 
When you look around you 
There is nothing and no one 
To tell you hey I am here? 

To live in darkness even in light 
Your blinded nothing is in sight 
And your thoughts smothering you 
Drowning your will to fly 

And you scream inside 
You silently weep and cry 
And every ounce of your soul 
Feeling nothing more than to just die 

And you struggle and fight 
This war you have inside 
And all your demons killing you slowly 
As days and nights go by 

These are my dark days 
That follows into nights 
Fighting each new day 
To overcome this dark place 

Can anyone hear me! ? 
Does anyone understand this? 
I can't explain it anymore at hand 
I can't put my finger on it to comprehend 

Good night this the end.
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