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leaning against the wall


24 Jun, 2013 06:45 AM
I see the shadow staring at me from down the hall
It's waiting for me to fail,
waiting for me to fall

It disappears and vanishes into the air
but it's always around feeding on my fear

It appears again leaning against the wall
It keeps looking at my way making my skin crawl

I look at it trying to figure out why it follows me
I look into it's hollow face and all I see is me
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Tags: Dark, Sad, Fear, Shadow, Dark Mind
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But To Do Or Die

Shyam Nair

27 May, 2013 02:49 PM
Religion as we know
is just another show.
Believing us to be
sinners of the highest degree.

The rabbi rambles on
as the priest laughs along.
Men and women, never can be
on the platform called equality.

Where wine thrills whilst blood spills
and the law forgives it as insanity.
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Tags: Fear, Lies, Life, Dark Thought
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23 May, 2013 05:00 AM
When no one cares 
the world seems colder. 
In the face of fear 
I'm not stronger but bolder.

I know in my heart 
I have nothing to loose. 
So when death comes toward me 
I don't even move.

Too hurt by the pain, 
and consumed by the anger.
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Tags: Pain, Rage, Alone, Fear
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Hour Glass


04 Mar, 2013 08:06 PM
Life is like an hourglass, 
you have less time than you think,
The devil holds your hourglass,
he decides your fate.

Time is ticking, 
sand drains quicker than most,
for you are just a half full hourglass,
life fading every second.

Your never ending fear,
of reaching the end,
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Tags: Hourglass, Death, Hopeless, Time, Fear, Devil, Dark Mind
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Davin Vazquez

13 Nov, 2012 02:59 PM
Death comes near, 
nothing shall fear;
if only I have courage at light,
you can't see anything everything that's bright.

I feel comfortable at darkness,
I hurt at lightness;
what should it fear,
if trying would bear.

what shall we fear?
when death comes near;
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Tags: Dark, Death, Fear, Darkness, Light
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The Wizard

Jack Sorenson

11 Nov, 2012 12:54 AM
The sunlight has faded
The sounds of the night came,
Which frighten, most humans away
And sent them running back to the camp fire

Screams came to all our ears
From of course the shadows afar
Of darkness by the forest trees

Quickened heartbeats beaded
the strangeness of animal’s cries came aloud
Now come to be in the shadows
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Tags: Wizard, Dark, Fear, Creature Of Darkness, Night, Darkness
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Gary Wells

28 Sep, 2012 03:55 PM
Time is just a site of hand 
 where do people go to die? 
does the sands of your favorite beach
 not echo in your drifting mine, 
does the water ask come in take a dip
 let there be no more. 
Slowly the question comes to mind 
 of a father beating on your door 
   let me in let me in, 
 no your legs are shut tight 
the man standing in front of you is too much to bear    please hear my screams
 please let there be a hero to save me,
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Tags: Pain, Fear, Death
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