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Abhishek Choubey

09 Dec, 2016 02:21 PM
One day I woke up from sleep
And you were not beside me.                             
I looked for you around the house,       
Called you name but got back none.

Could see undone dishes from the last night                                                                   
Stilettos and broken bottles still beneath the bed                                                                  
 But you were gone.                                                   
Your soothing aroma was still fresh               
Yet your absence baffled me.

Suddenly I found myself in this pit of Hell,
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Tags: Scream, Lonely, Love?
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Terror of a grimfaced shadow

Scarce Grim

22 Sep, 2013 03:13 AM
Moan within the deep canyon 
Chill runs through the skin of dead man-
Chest filled with this terror-
Red shimmering eyes and sharp personality;
A mind works as draconian-

Run for it! Or die right here!
You have hands and feet-
Kill yourself but let your soul live!

It brought this curse of legacy,
Losing it's dignity..
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Tags: Dark, Gothic, Scream
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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:35 AM
On the outside looking in
My world looks perfect
But on the inside looking out
My world is in crumbled ruins

In my world I'm frightened and scared
Terrified of what may come
I'm lost and blind

My world is dark and filled with demons
Chaos reigns freely and takes control
The angels and demons within my mind
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Tags: Hell, Demonic, Scream, Fear
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Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:32 AM
Love and kindness is all around.
Yet, loneliness is still found.
By myself I'll always be,
In a crowded room, I'll all but scream.

Death is certain, this is known;
You cannot run nor hide.
In the darkness I await my time,
Whilst you taunt me all the time.

I could do it, I have the chance.
Yet, I wait for you to come to my side.
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Tags: Scream, Death, Depression, Suffering, Suicide, Dark Mind
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Just Scream

Nick Vixon

24 Jan, 2013 08:09 PM
Well you say
You say you don't know what to do today
And I 
Scream at the sky

Just why
The world is crashing down
All around
I can run but I can't hide
All these feelings I feel
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Scream, Bleeding, Dark Soul
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18 Jun, 2012 08:03 PM
I wish that at night, when I wake up screaming 
I could just hold my nightmare in my hand. 
Watch the blood drip through the spaces of my fingers, 
see the fire steaming 
Watch me try to run away, 
but I'm just running through quick sand. 

If I take a look at what I thought I was scared of 
I realize that it's just a poorly produced horror movie. 
That the scary monster chasing me, was just a hooded dove 
And that the dark fires burning in the night are really soothing. 
But I never realize it when I'm trapped inside my hands
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Tags: Dark, Scream, Horror, Blood
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