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Lance Barnwell

07 Mar, 2014 12:10 AM
This time that's now, this midnight hour
Hiding those who creep and lour
Inside your mind, they're in your head
Sneakily slithering towards your bed

Mark the time and feel what's present
In the black below the lifeless crescent
Dire is the darkness as they slyly slink
Not close yet, but nearer than you think
In disturbing dreams do you soundly sleep?
Gnashing teeth ward off those who creep
Hideous creatures who skulk and lour
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Tags: Nightmare, Fear, Horror
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You Are Not Alone

Wes Dark Oakes

29 Jan, 2013 09:43 PM
Otherworldly voices infiltrate your fragile mind
Causing a swirling blacken abyss of a macabre dream
Blood flowing over prodigious alters
Dark invocation’s rising into the night

Blood seeping into unhallowed ground
Shattering barriers of gateways
Beyond known space and time
To realms of unknown madding horrors

You wake as the wind blows through your hair.
The moon casts daemonic shadows of undying entities.
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Tags: Sacrifice, Horror, Dark, Macabre, Daemonic
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18 Jun, 2012 08:03 PM
I wish that at night, when I wake up screaming 
I could just hold my nightmare in my hand. 
Watch the blood drip through the spaces of my fingers, 
see the fire steaming 
Watch me try to run away, 
but I'm just running through quick sand. 

If I take a look at what I thought I was scared of 
I realize that it's just a poorly produced horror movie. 
That the scary monster chasing me, was just a hooded dove 
And that the dark fires burning in the night are really soothing. 
But I never realize it when I'm trapped inside my hands
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Tags: Dark, Scream, Horror, Blood
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Devils Apocolypse

David Bull

06 Apr, 2012 07:51 PM
Hollow moons illuminate the skies
The end is here now begins the cries

The battle begins on a stormy night
The devil orders his latest strike

It’s time for a sacrificial moment
The stench of death becoming so potent

Hell hounds released and leap across rivers
Hypnotic serpent eyes follow with bodies that slither
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Tags: Satan, Devil, Apocolypse, Dark, Horror, Hell
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