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Blood, a gift

Kaiza Urai

12 Feb, 2013 07:29 PM
Am I really so unusual
Am I such an awful thing?
That I deserved such prejudice
From you who acts as king?

Look at yourself, so noble and wise
An emperor so bold
To slay your own kin without thought
To keep your stash of gold

I tell you, king, Sir Demigod
All things that live must end
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Tags: Vampire, Blood, Death, Love, Monster, Truth, Slay, Life, Living, Evil, Sin
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Fallen Angel


02 Feb, 2013 03:12 AM
I am a fallen angel, my wings torn 
and my immortality stripped from me. 
However you see, I did not die. 
Because I am already dead.
On the inside. 
Love is forbidden to my kind, 

it seem I cannot break the rhyming. 
My heart is slowly dying, 
on the inside I am crying. 
Though on the outside I do not shed a tear, 
only because I have you near.
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Tags: Fallen Angel, Love, Forbidden, Distance, Dark Love
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Did You Know?


29 Dec, 2012 07:29 PM
Did you know that I loved you?
That I cared,
More than anyone ever knew,
So much I was scared?

It was burden I bared,
The mark of love for another,
I acted on it as much as I dared,
So I hid in myself like a cover.

I was alone, unable to recover,
Alone in my sad little shell,
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Tags: Sad, Death, Love, Hopeless
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The Darkness


10 Dec, 2012 03:16 AM
Don't leave me here alone,
Don't leave me on my own,
The darkness has come,
It's gonna take my soul,
It's all a shame.

You haven't came,
To protect me from it yet.
Are you full of regret,
I trusted you with my life,
But now you must pay the price,
For throwing away my life.
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Tags: Darkness, Love, Betrayal
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I Am Dead and in Love


12 Oct, 2012 02:29 AM
I am dead and alone 
I wonder if anyone cares 
I hear the footsteps walking away 
I see the black mist as I fade 
I want to see his face one more time 

I am dead and alone 
I pretend he didn't do it 
I feel the cold numbness setting in 
I touch the Glasgow smile he gave me 
I worry that he won’t love me anymore 
I cry out to him to come back
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Tags: Sad, Death, Murder, Love, Dieing, Last Thoughts, Hope
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Raven Wolff

09 Sep, 2012 08:01 PM
Where did you go?
The one I used to know.
The one who laughed with me,
The one who talked to me,
The one who played with me.

now you someone new
Someone I dont know.
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Tags: Love, Lost, Alone, Missing Someone
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My Heart is Yours


24 Jun, 2012 01:26 AM
I'll cut my own chest open, 
take my heart out and hand it to you. 
That's how much love I got for you. 

It's made of stone, 
and I doubt it can be broken. 
When it loves it loves hard. 
When it's cold it's cold for long. 

Angel, I know you're here 
because you've fallen.
I'll help you mend you wings,
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Tags: Dark, Love, Hell, Angel
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23 Jun, 2012 01:04 AM
Rain, rain, go away,
Because of you,
My pain will stay.
Slit my throat, 
Slice me open,
Leave me here, 
Tear me apart.

Poisonous tears run down my face,
My heart struggles at a steady pace
As I try and stand again;
to find I’m alone in the rain.
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Tags: Death, Love, Blood
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Crazy Love

DC Martin

30 Apr, 2012 08:56 AM
They say one of us is to blame, 
you're holding that knife, covered in blood 
and I'm laughing off the pain, 
so which one of us is guilty 
if we're both totally insane? 

Could it be we're broken in just the right places, 
perforated just so right 
that we fill each others empty spaces? 
A pair of answers to a question 
that no one ever asked, 
and when they remove our disguises,
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Tags: Insanity, Death, Murder, Love
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It's really not the same

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:34 AM
On the wind I can hear you, on the breeze you call my name 
In the cloudy sky I can see your face, 
But it's really not the same. 

You're everywhere around me, 
yet I dare not feel your touch, 
In a world undead, I just bow my head, 
God knows I miss you much. 
In our bedroom on the nightstand table, 
stands our picture in a frame, 
The one of us dressed up in Arkansas, 
Wild Bill and Calamity Jane
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Tags: Death, Zombie, Love, Missing
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